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Ali Brice - Bin Wondering [Preview]

A master of the surrealist arts, Ali Brice takes the audience on a journey through his mind at a time when he spent several hours in a wheelie bin. It's Ali at his absurd, heartfelt, personal and silly best; and - as if that's not enough - he boasts an exceptional crocodile costume which shouldn't be missed. Ali would like to thank the following people: Jonny Freeman for directing the live performance, additional material, helping to devise the show and just being an excellent person. Alwin Solanky for the turtle, technical wizardry and (almost) never missing a cue. Bethan Story for making the best Jimmy Nail shoes known to man. Adam Larter and all the Weirdos for the being the best bunch of people. Everyone that saw the show in Edinburgh. Thank you. Recording directed by Stuart Laws.

 Read more Read less Duration: 2 min